Hi, I’m Nicky, and I love taking photos.

From engagements and weddings, to babies, children and family portraiture, I take photos of everything. I’m based in Melbourne, but willing to travel Australia-wide to do what I love.

I grew up in Herberton, a very small country town in Far North Queensland. I consider myself very lucky to have had an endless backyard. The Aussie Bush. Rolling mountains, creeks, rivers and waterfalls, horses, cows & lots of dirt! I think this natural beauty is what may have captured my heart and lead me to photography.

My passion for photography started in high school. Though I think the seed was planted many years earlier. My uncle was a photographer, and I also remember playing with my parent’s cameras as a wee one. I loved taking photos of anything & everything. I took so many random photographs, although I’m not sure what the photos actually meant to me back then.

Now I understand that photography is about capturing life’s emotions, completely naturally. Freezing that moment in time. Having photos to look back on as amazing memories that may otherwise be forgotten.
My career started by working with a few different photographers in Cairns. Whilst at school and working part time, I started to build my own business, doing a few wedding shoots on the weekends.

I realized I needed to refine my techniques, so decided it was time to learn more about photography. I took the leap and moved to Melbourne in 2004. Since graduating from the International College of Professional Photography in 2005, I’ve maintained my passion of working with people and also worked my way through the advertising industry, and loved every minute of it, shooting everything from bedroom sets, to bottles of wine, clothing, and cook books.

When I’m not in the studio being technical, I’m out photographing real life, people and emotions. Capturing the beauty and love of a newly married couple, is something I adore.
I also love working with children. Photographing those ‘never to be seen again’ expressions and behaviors.

Just recently, I welcomed my first child to the world, my daughter, Lily Madeleine. She is the absolute love of my life. Being a mum is the most amazing experience, and Lily makes my life complete. Now, she is my favorite photographic subject and helps me so much in understanding the constantly changing needs of babies and children and the patience required to get that ‘shot’.

If my photos and style are what you are looking for, I would love to hear from you. Keep an eye out on my blog and instagram account. I update them with all the wonderful things that I do – weddings, baby photography, my travels and my food ventures.